We accept submissions all year and spread out different themes across the months.
For Wanderlust-Journal: We're curious to hear from those who just love to wander. It's a compulsion, a restlessness that keeps many of us on edge and on the move. Mythology talks of the wandering fool and on this sharing platform of travel blogs, read in our own words all about our motivations and inspirations and include your own.
Be specific. Be generous. Take us with you. We're interested in your journeys, the dark underbelly, the compulsions and the incredible moments of joy that split you open. Tell a story rooted in travelling. So please: Take us with you.

For Wild Dog Press: See specific calls for chapbook length projects. Coming up, a call for travel books of upto 40k words. 

For both:
Please include a cover letter saying why this piece is a good fit for our readers.
Word count of 2000 max. Submit in Word doc. Double spaced. No extra spaces between paragraphs. With your name and title of the piece on each document. Times New Roman. 12 pt. 

Last name-title on all your documents. 

BIOs are limited to 50 words. Third person. Be professional please! 

Photos need to be numbered with your name and a caption. Make it easy on us and we're more likely to work with you. 

Please sign up on the website or FB page of the same name.
For photos see the other submittable form as it will allow you to submit up to 5 images.
Please contact us if you have any questions that can't be answered by using the contact page on the website.
Unpublished writers are encouraged to send in their work, just make it your best, well written, and evocative. We don't have the time to edit your work, sorry.  
Previously published work is also accepted.
This is a work in process to give a voice for unpublished as well as accomplished writers and those with great travel experiences. 

Wanderlust-Journal acquires publication rights, but you, the writer, still own your work. What this means is that we hold the publication rights for 30 days after you work is posted online. After 30 days, you are free to publish and submit your work elsewhere. We kindly ask for acknowledgment for subsequent reprints of your work.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide payment for publication in Wanderlust-Journal. We have no funding, grants, subscriptions, advertisements or memberships. The submission fees only cover the Submittable website and our own. We are volunteers, the readers, editors, publishers. Our time is unpaid.
While we have your attention!

  • We accept simultaneous submissions.  Please immediately notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere. 
  • We ask that you limit your submissions to one essay. 
  • For photos, please use the relevant form that will allow you to send in 3-5 images. 


In fact, we don't make any money. The cost of Submittable, the domain name and hosting, and limited marketing, means that we don't get paid for sharing your work. Please consider becoming a Patron of the site https://www.patreon.com/wanderlustjournal. 

Or create a Contributor's Profile with links to your work on the internet, photos, bios, all of it for less than $3 month. With that you get your work out to approx 4000 readers per month all over the world. 

Ends on $5.00

Wanderlust publishes literary travel essays and photograph by those exploring the world. Please send in your first person narratives of those adventures.  Be specific. Be generous. Take us with you. 


Word count of 2000 max. Submit in Word doc. Double spaced. With your name and title of the piece on each document. Single space, no breaks between paragraphs, Times font, nothing fancy, Wordpress doesn't like to work hard. 

Please send 3 photos seperately as high res jpeg files. 

Please include a cover letter with any links and a short bio (max of 50 words). 

We're not supported by advertisers, subscriptions, university presses, grants or anything but your $$ which covers most of the running costs of web, submission manager, etc. Thanks for your support in keeping this free access platform for your travel blogs. 

We also ask our contributors to sign up on the website to receive other's essays and photos. This way we build community and create a conversation rather than just publishing our own stories and not reading the others. There is also a FB page for Wanderlust-Journal now to help create a network for us all.

Our Editorial Team

If you have become a regular writer or photographer featured on this curated content sharing platform, then a profile page is available. Your work will be linked to your profile. You can send in a full resume, photos, social media links, and your own website links.

We're a hub for individual travel blogs, writers, and travelers. Let's find a wider readership together. Make this community expand our reputations and validate our experiences. 

$2 per month ($24 per calendar year). One update included in original fee. 

See the website's menu and click on Contributors. You'll see a few examples for what to include. 

Word doc, 12 pt Times Roman, and please check your own grammar and spellings. Thanks. 

Wanderlust: A Travel Journal