Ends on August 31, 2019

$5.00 USD

Wanderlust is expanding to include photographs as requested! We will be looking for high quality photos that inspire, that evoke more than a pretty picture or a phone snapshot, we are a narrative based map of our travel stories. Show us the details that struck home, that will inspire others. Please don't send in random pictures from a holiday but create a cohesive sense of place or the people. 

Thank you for being part of the conversation about people, place, and community. 

1-5 images.
Jpeg files. (Higher quality is best.)
Cover letter with places and a short bio/ links to add to the images. A sentence or two about each photograph will make your work stand out. Thanks.

We ask our contributors (suggest) that they sign up on the website to receive other's essays and photos. This way we build community and create a conversation rather than just publishing our own stories and not reading the others. There is also a FB page for Wanderlust-Journal now to help create a network for us all. Thanks again, take care,