Ends on August 15, 2019

$10.00 USD

Imagine finding the kind of books you only dreamt of reading, the stories you’d hoped for as a kid and again as an adult. The ones that you’d not find in the local Barnes and Noble, or the front stacks at the library. Imagine scooting around, seeking out lonely lost books on the lower shelves, pulling out interesting titles, intruiged by the odd sizes and various colors, and then finding that the work grabs you, takes you somewhere new, by an author you’d not heard of, or imagine that a story woke you up on some stratosphere. These are the books we crave. To read. To publish. Now imagine sending in your work to us.

We're looking for 40-80 page manuscripts of weird and wonderful fiction. The kind that won't find a home with other publishers for one reason or another. 

Nothing sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise mean-spirited and closed-minded. We want to build community not divide people. Stories connect us. 

Times New Roman, double spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs, and cut out the exclamation marks. 

Ready? Submit. 

We'll be looking to pick one ms in the summer and publish online and in print in the late fall. It's a collaborative effort though, much of the marketing and publicity is shared. We'll do what we can but you'll need to take an active role. 

Still interested? Good. Send us your stories. 

Published by Wild Dog Press (who published Wanderlust Journal Anthology 2019).